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Welcome to Dash & Splash doggy pool Ltd

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About Us

We are a family run business, open 6 days a week with reduced hours on Saturday and offering a range of sessions from individual swims to small group parties (maximum of five).  Whether you bring your dog down for a fun swim or to build strength, our pool won't let you down. Life jackets and toys are provided but please feel free to bring your own, along with your pup's favourite snack. 

£15 per dog, per half an hour session. Additional same household dog £10 reducing further to £5 after 3 dogs. Whilst sessions last 30 minutes we do not recommend swimming your dog for the whole session with no break to reduce the risk of exhaustion. Remember a 5 minute swim is equivalent to a dog 20 minute run. We also offer loyalty cards which give you 50% off a half an hour swim session once you have filled your card. 

Please contact to enquire about group sessions and parties.

Our indoor pool is approx. 2.5m by 3.7m and is heated from 26-28 degrees. We test and clean our pool daily to make sure it is safe and hygienic for your dog.

The easiest way to find us is to download the app 'what 3 words' and put in the words, Traps.List.Beard. If you have any trouble finding us just give us a call.


Our Prices

Introduction, Standard & Block Prices

Standard swim

Book your dog a swim today


This is our standard swim session. It will last 30 minutes which includes arrival and departure of the pool. While this session last 30 minutes we do not recommend swimming your dog for the whole session with no break to reduce the risk of exhaustion. Remember a 5 minute swim is equivalent to a dog 20 minute run.

Whilst you can bring up to 6 dogs we do not recommend more then 3 dogs in the pool at once for their safety.  You will need attended an introduction swim before bringing your dog to a standard swim.


Block of 10

Buy your block today.


This is our block of 10 swims. Each session will be half and hour and all sessions must be used within a year of the purchase date. These block discounts can not be used in conjunction with other discounts such as our loyalty card scheme.

If you bring more then 3 dogs you will need to rotate which dogs are in the pool as we recommend up to 3 dogs in the pool at any one time. You must have attended an introduction swim before bringing your dog to any standard/block swims.


Introduction Swim

Book your dogs first swim with us.


Our introduction swims will be your dogs first swim with us. They allow your dog to become confident in their surroundings and take it as slowly as they like. Many dogs won't go in the pool on their first session but keep going and you'll be surprised how much better they are second time around when they are more familiar with the surroundings.

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 10am-4pm

Sun: Closed



The pros of swimming for your dog.

There are many benefits of swimming for your do. Both physical and emotional, not only do they enjoy the fun of splashing ground in the pool, but there overall fitness can improve and they can enjoy relief from ailments such as arthritis and joint stiffness. Some other benefits include:

* Learning how to swim

* Weight loss

* Increase in confidence

*Low/No impact Exercise

*General well being

*Fun fitness

*Bond with your dog

*Stress relieving


Your Session.

When you arrive for your session there will be a grass area for your dog to go to the toilet.  Please allow a moment to give your dog the opportunity to toilet before entering the pool.

Please do not feed your dog for two hours prior to your swim session to reduce the likelihood of any accidents in the pool.  Should your dog defecate whilst in the pool we will need to close the pool for the duration of the day in order to clean the pool.  Should this happen there will be a £50 charge.  Please do not feed your dog for one hour following your swim session to reduce the risk of bloating.

We have life jackets in all sizes from XS-XXL. There will also be treats available for your dog but please say if your dog has any allergies. We have many toys for your dogs to use but if they have a favourite from home feel free to bring it along.

We have a Mud Daddy washer available for you to use to wash your dog off after the swim.  We also have a blaster dryer which you are welcome to use if your dog is accustomed to being dried this way.  Should you wish to make use of the blaster there will be ear protection available, but please only use the dryer if your dog is comfortable with this method of drying. If you wish to use these facilities please take this into account within your 30 minute session.  Alternatively there will be towels available for drying your dog off in the event you don’t bring one with you.


Terms & Conditions

The Boring Bit.

  • You will need to fill out a registration form prior to your introduction session. (Find link at the bottom)

  • A vet form is required in cases of heart, lung or neurological disease or recent surgery. (Find link at the bottom)

  • Please do not Feed your dog 2 hours before your session to avoid fouling in the pool. If you dog does foul in the pool there will be a £50 charge. ( This does not mean the area surrounding the pool.)

  • There is to be no forcing/pushing your dog into the water.

  • Swim session timing have to be strictly adhered to, so if you are late unfortunately it will run into your session.

  • If you too arrive early you may be asked to wait. 

  • Please pick up after your dogs outside. Poo bags and a bin are provided.

  • Hand sanitizer is available and masks are optional.

  • Unfortunately walk in sessions will not be possible so please book in advance.

  • Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation wherever possible.

Please inform us of any dogs with reactivity. This will not affect their eligibility to swim with us, it just gives us the opportunity to avoid any of their triggers.​

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